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“The Power of Leadership”

(Changeling: the Dreaming 2E, pp. 183-186)

This art is the reason many commoner kiths do not trust the sidhe. In ancient times, the sidhe would use this art to enforce their will upon the commoners. Some still do.

The casting of this art forces commoners (and nobles of equal or lesser rank) to obey the caster’s dictates.

If any cantrip in this art is used on a subject of equal rank to the caster, the subject can make a resisted Willpower roll (diff 6) to resist the effects. Each success reduces the caster’s by one. All others can make a Willpower roll (diff 7) for the same resist.

Attribute: Charisma

Limitation – Only sidhe should have access to this art as non-sidhe that learn it often meet horrible deaths. This art automatically fails if attempted on an individual with higher title than the user (sidhe are considered one level of status higher than other kiths).

Level 1: Protocol

This cantrip allows nobles to conduct business and hold court functions without being perpetually interrupted by noisy childlings or commoners. Protocol ensures that everyone affected behaves as noble etiquette requires, although a toll is required to determine if the target(s) can fathom the dictates of the proceedings. When this cantrip is cast, no one may speak out of turn, and sudden combat and tomfoolery are out of the question. Duels between persons of equal rank to settle disputes are acceptable, if the reigning noble permits it.

The number of successes determines how difficult it is to break the cantrip by a resisted willpower roll.

A botched resisted roll means that the subject abases herself before the noble, bowing and scraping until the cantrip ends.

The cantrip ends at either dawn or dusk or when the noble proclaims “Court adjourned.”

Multiple castings are not cumulative.

Type: Wyrd

Level 2: Dictum

A target has to follow an order as long as it doesn’t violate any oaths that the target has or place the target in any danger. The target is aware when Dictum is used even if unfamiliar with the art.

The target will attempt to carry out the caster’s requests to the spirit and the letter.

The number of successes denotes how difficult the cantrip is to resist by a Willpower roll. The cantrip lasts for 1 hour or until the noble releases the subject.

Multiple castings are cumulative with a +1 diff each additional casting. (So casting 2 would be at +1, casting 2 at a +2, etc.)

Type: Wyrd or Chimerical

Level 3: Grandeur

Grandeur impresses upon others that element of the majesty of Arcadia that every sidhe carries. It is the component of noble poise and refinement that later mortal rulers attempted (but failed) with their divine pageants and coronations. Anyone who views a caster of Grandeur is overcome with awe; she can take no action (violent or otherwise) in the presence of the noble even if attacked by that noble.

Changelings with romantic legacies will fall in love with the caster of Grandeur.

Successes determine how affected those viewing the noble are.

The cantrip lasts for one scene and multiple castings are cumulative, but at an additional +1 diff for each time cast.

Type: Chimerical

Level 4: Weaver Ward

Use of this cantrip prevents a door or entrance way from being passed by certain persons or inanimate objects. Alternately, a caster can use Weaver Ward to insure that no one picks up or uses an object.

A changeling may use this to erect a selective screening for this Ward that lets certain persons through (though the person’s True Name must be known and spoke aloud at the time of casting), such as a warded cave that only permits certain people to pass.

A password can also be used to temporarily shut the ward down.

Weaver Ward can also cantrip lock another cantrip to prevent counter-weaving. If used, the counter-weaver must first counter-weave the lock before the original cantrip. For this to work, the counter-weaver must know about the lock, otherwise, all attempts will fail.

Successes determine the difficulty to break the cantrip. Resisting Willpower rolls do not work. Only Counter-weaving or Portal Passage will allow passage through the cantrip.

Banality can erode the cantrip at the rate of one success per day.

Multiple castings are cumulative, but are maxed at 5 successes.

Type: Wyrd

Level 5: Geasa/Ban

This places an order to either do something or not do something with horrible consequences attached. This cantrip is considered loathsome by the commoners as it only wears off after the quest has been completed. In the case of being banished from an area with a Ban, this means that the target can never return, often at the risk of death.

Completion of a quest with this Geasa will give the quester a temporary Glamour point.

Geasas or Bans that are impossible (such as breathing water or stopping ones own heartbeat without death) will automatically fail. The caster may also not order the targets to kill themselves. (Note: The caster may not tell the target to stab herself, but can tell her to go attack and enemy that will most certainly kill her).

To resist, the target must spend a point of permanent Willpower and succeed in a resisted Willpower roll (diff 4 + number of caster’s successes). This resist must be made immediately.

A Geas or Ban is immune to counter-weaving.

Multiple castings are not cumulative. The caster may spend one Glamour to make the curse increase with severity over time.

Successes are split between the Geas/Ban and the curse. The number of successes determine the complexity (and danger) of the Geas/Ban and the severity of the Curse.

Type: Chimerical

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