Art skycraft


“The Power of Storms”

Requires Storyteller approval

Since the dawn of time, mankind has made offerings to the gods before undergoing an aquatic journey of any sort. The changelings who know Skycraft protect it well, as they understand the power of this potent Art. Masters of Skycraft can control the storms that whip the seas into their frenzy, and through this, the lives of whoever may be traveling there.

Attribute: Stamina

Level 1: Thunderclap

The cantrip produces a dramatic thunderclap and lightning flash in conjunction with some dramatic gesture, such as raising a sword or trident, or entering a room. This is most often used to create fear in an opponent or warn ships away from certain areas.

The thunderclap itself is harmless, although an unwary person at “ground zero” might be temporarily stunned or deafened (ST’s discretion).

The number of successes determines how far away the thunderclap will be heard.

*1 success = Half mile
*2 successes = One mile
*3 successes = Three miles
*4 successes = Five miles
*5 successes = Ten miles

Type: Wyrd (or chimerical)

Level 2: Compass Winds

The changeling can create a strong wind and direct it at a given object. This wind lasts as long as the changeling maintains concentration on the object. Its strength is variable, but can be enough to push a ship or knock over a grown man.

The number of successes determines the wind’s strength.

*1 success = 10 miles an hour
*2 successes = 20 miles an hour
*3 successes = 40 miles an hour
*4 successes = 50 miles an hour
*5 successes = 80 miles an hour

Type: Chimerical or Wyrd

Level 3: Dark Sky

The changeling can darken the sky with low0lying storm clouds and create an ominous fog to cloak a specific target. The fog works both ways, naturally; those who are cloaked in fog have no easier time seeing out than others do seeing in. The effect can be disastrous to a ship or aircraft, as well as potentially dangerous to an individual.

The successes determine the visibility within the fog.

*1 success = Hazy; forty feet visibility
*2 successes = Cloudy; twenty feet visibility
*3 successes = Murky; ten feet visibility
*4 successes = Thick; five feet visibility
*5 successes = Pea Soup; maybe your hand in front of your face

Type: Chimerical or Wyrd

Level 4: Stormcraft

The changeling using this cantrip can summon down the clouds themselves in the form of a terrible storm. This storm wreaks its fury relentlessly on the subject of the cantrip until the changeling ceases to concentrate—however, sometimes the storms can rage out of control and begin working destruction at random. Often, the storm has an ominously human appearance, like a sneering human face or an angry old man (these are usually more common in the chimerical castings).

At the time of casting, the ST will secretly roll the character’s Willpower roll (diff 7) to determine the changeling’s level of control over the storm. If the roll is successful, the storm disperses when the changeling bids it to or ceases concentrating. If the roll fails, the storm may linger on for a while, or wink out prematurely. A botch, naturally, means that the storm becomes uncontrollable, and probably starts working devastation on things the changeling would rather remain safe.

The number of successes determines the strength of the storm.

*1 success = Drizzle
*2 successes = Shower
*3 successes = Thunderstorm
*4 successes = Tempest
*5 successes = Monsoon

Type: Wyrd or Chimerical

Level 5: Call Lightning

This devastating cantrip holds a place of fear in the hearts of all Kithain, as the user actually uses his body to channel a lighting bold down from a cloudless sky and fry his victim. Often only used in times of extreme urgency, Call Lightning does an unholy amount of damage to a target.

The lightning bold does five dice of damage to its target, plus one extra die for every success on the roll. The damage is considered aggravated unless the lightning strike is chimerical in nature.

Type: Wyrd or Chimerical

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