“The Power of Summer”

Level 1: Will-o-the-Wisp

Attribute: Wits

Effect: The user creates a multicolored ball of light(s) that seek out a target at a standard pace. The ball of light provides the illumination of a torch and the warmth of a campfire.

Level 2: Heat Stroke

Effect: The target is overcome with heat fatigue and suffers a dice penalty on all actions equal to the user’s level in Pyretics for one round per success.

Level 3: Prometheus’s Fist

Cost: 1 glamour

Effect: Inflict 2 points of fire damage to a target within one hundred meters. This cantrip does not cause the target to ignite.

Level 4: Star Body

Cost: 1 glamour

Effect: The user is coated in an aura of flame, which extends to any items the user is carrying (although this flame does not harm them). The user is immune to all fire and ice damage, as well as inflicts aggravated damage with their physical attacks (both melee and ranged). This effect lasts one minute per success.

Level 5: Meteor

Cost: 1 glamour

Effect: Inflict 3 points of damage per success and the target area is set one fire. The range for this cantrip is sight and effects an area of five square feet per success gained.



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