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Dream Craft

(Nobles – the Shining Host, pp 75-78)

“The Power of the Dreaming”

Dream-Craft is fundamental to any changeling who wishes to explore the Dreaming. This Art allows the fae both understanding of and power over the Dreaming. Although the sidhe are particularly puissant in this area, many commoners wield it with considerable facility.

Attribute – Wits

Level 1: Find Silver Path

The Silver Path is visible to all fae – most of the time. If a changeling leaves the path while traveling through a trod, however, she is as good as lost. From even 25 feet away the path (and any companions on it) simply melt away from view. This cantrip is vital to finding the path again. It is also useful for divining the difference between the true path and a false one created by mischievous chimera. (Difficulty and number of successes needed vary depending on the skill of the illusion.) Finally it may be employed in a limited fashion to tell who or what else may be using the trod. This ability is usually somewhat ambiguous in its results, however. Chimera are particularly adept at hiding their presence from this cantrip.

*1 success = Can detect objects very close by (within a few yards)
*2 successes = Can detect objects out of sight (within 100 yards)
*3 successes = Can detect objects within a mile or so
*4 successes = Can detect objects within several leagues
*5 successes = Can detect objects anywhere on the path

Type: Chimerical

Level 2: Determinism

With this power the changeling may determine what is on the other end of a trod. Information gathered in this matter is usually accurate, but may be somewhat cryptic. The changeling will often see only a small portion of the picture. This ability is based on sight only and maybe be thwarted on the other end by such Arts as Legerdemain. The changeling will only get a partial picture.

The number of successes gained determines the clarity of the vision.

Type: Chimerical

Level 3: Homestead

The Dreaming is a place of constantly shifting paradigms. The “laws” of reality that exist one day in the Dreaming may be cancelled the next. The use of this cantrip allows the changeling to create a semipermanent area of stability within the Dreaming. This works best in the near Dreaming, but can be accomplished farther afield. Freeholds usually have the effects of this cantrip incorporated into them. Structures built in the Dreaming without the benefit of this cantrip are often washed away like sand castles in the rising tide. This cantrip freezes the area in its current state, allowing only minor “natural” changes.

Each success grants a degree of protection against the chaotic forces of the Dreaming, whether chimerical or banal. When cast on a person or object, add one Health Level for each success gained as long as that person (or object) remains in the Near Dreaming. When cast on a freehold, reduce any attacks on the freehold by one for each success gained.

Type: Chimerical

Level 4: Attunement

The Kithain are creatures of the Dreaming, yet in many ways they are sundered from it. Even the sidhe no longer enjoy the connection with it that they did in the Age of Legends. Attunement reforges those ties, to a degree—allowing the changeling to make herself (or other things) a stronger part of the local Dreaming. When cast, this cantrip attunes the changeling to one person, place or thing in the area. The number of successes rolled determines the duration of the Attunement. This powerful cantrip has several practical uses. First, the changeling can determine the general physical characteristics of a locality. This cantrip can do much of what the Silver Path and Determinism cantrips can, and more. When cast on a person, this cantrip allows the changeling to determine the target’s general characteristics (though some fae are adept at dodging this). Many nobles use this to keep tabs on their freeholds. Nobles attuned to a certain object have reduced difficulties (minus 1-3 levels) in all Perception rolls. Additionally, they have -2 difficulty to all Arts used on the attuned object. This is not an offensive cantrip, however, since you cannot Attune an unwilling subject.

Only one subject may be Attuned to a changeling at a time. If a changeling stays Attuned to an object for a long time, he becomes very aware of it. Changelings lovers sometimes Attune themselves to each other. A king Attuned to his castle has a decided advantage over any competitors. No two fae may claim the same area, or person at the same time. If one fae tries to “claim jum,” the two competitors must make an immediate Glamour roll (diff 6). The one with the most successes becomes Attuned. This cantrip only works in the Dreaming.

*1 success = one minute
*2 successes = one hour
*3 successes = one day
*4 successes = one week
*5 successes = one month

Type: Chimerical

Level 5: Dream Weaving

This cantrip is somewhat similar to the Legerdemain cantrip, Phantom Shadows. It is somewhat more versatile, but it can only be used int he Dreaming. This is sometimes referred to by commoners as the “instant castle” cantrip, because it is commonly employed for just this purpose. This is the cantrip of pure, chimerical creation: some say life itself. Objects created through this cantrip are essentially permanent, as long as they are in the Dreaming. (Banality destroys them very quickly.) This cantrip costs two permanent points of Glamour to cast (more in the cast of truly grand projects). The ST has the final say over what this cantrip can create.

Note: Sizes can be increased by spending more Glamour (ST’s discretion.)

The number of successes rolled dictates how “perfect” the object is. A palace built with only one success will be cold, drafty and badly in need of repair. A knight created with five successes may become a legend (as long as he doesn’t leave the Dreaming).

Type: Chimerical

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Dream Craft

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