Art wayfare


“The Power of Travel”
(Changeling: the Dreaming 2E, pp 186-188)

Attribute: Wits

Level 1: Hopscotch

Leap in any direction the user chooses. This art also makes the target safely land, no matter how far they fell. This cantrip automatically fails if it would put the target in harm’s way (so you can’t hopscotch that annoying pooka into the volcano).

An opposing Willpower roll (diff 6) can be made by anyone in contact with the target to negate the cantrip. Each success removes one of the caster’s.

The number of successes of the caster determines the distances jumped.

Type: Wyrd

Level 2: Quicksilver

Each success allows the user to perform an additional action on her next turn. If the cantrip is made to affect multiple targets, the successes must be divided between them.

Type: Wyrd

Level 3: Portal Passage

This cantrip allows the creation of an opening through any barrier up to 10 feet thick to the other side. Each success allows the portal to remain open for 1 turn.

Type: Wyrd

Level 4: Wind Runner

Cost: 1 glamour

This cantrip allows the caster (or target) to fly for a specific duration based on the number of successes + 1 turns. Multiple castings are not cumulative and the cantrip cannot be cast while in the air.

An person in contact with an object can make an opposed Willpower roll (diff 6) to stop the flight, but not on a person, only an object.

Multiple targets require a split of successes among the targets.

Type: Wyrd

Level 5: Flicker-Flash

Cost: 1 glamour

Teleport to any location. The destination must be known or scryed by the caster or the caster must possess a part of both her target and the destination. The caster may attempt the cantrip without these components, with +3 diff to the roll. A failure means that the target will end up anywhere the ST decides.

If the distance is far off or well guarded, the user may sustain damage from the use of this cantrip. This cantrip takes five minutes to cast, although it can be made instant by spending one extra point of glamour. This art can affect a number of targets at once equal to the user’s level in wayfare.

This cantrip will not traverse the Dreaming.

Multiple targets must have the successes divided among the targets.

The number of successes determines the travel time.

Type: Wyrd

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