taken from the Book of Lost Dreams


Known to the Kithain as the Children of Lilith, vampires are said to be descended from a redcap who slew his brother. Others claim that there is a grain of truth to this story, but that this being was of a separate kith altogether, and that the entire kith was punished by the Tuatha de Dannan as a consequence of this one faerie’s actions. yet others believe that these lost fae simply became so enamored with their bloodlust that they lost sight of their true fae nature.

All vampires claim they are descended from this murderer, known as Caine. The Kindred, as they call themselves, are embroiled in a neverending struggle for power, dominance and supremacy known as the Jyhad. Kithain can sometimes be swept up in this grand tapestry of manipulation, usually with disastrous results.

These blood drinkers are often riddled with Banality, and therefore are shunned by the majority of the fae. Still, the Kindred’s style and dark desire can be potent lures for potential Glamour. Many sidhe find the elders of the Children of Lilith fascinating, for they often hold keys to their past existence on this plane. There have been many stories of elder vampires who recognized one of the returned sidhe, sometimes as an enemy or as an ally from centuries long past.

Some Kithain are drawn to the Kindred like moths to a flame. There are those who view the politics of the undead as the greatest challenge of all. Others yearn for their lost immortality, and see the vampiric existence as the closest equivalent. yet others simply buy into the belief that vampires are somehow cooler than anyone else.

Kithain are aware that vampire society is divided among family and ideological lines, but most don’t bother to learn more than which sect controls their area and how safe it is to wander at night. High King David’s court has issued a warning to avoid the group of vampires known as the Tremere, due to the fact that several Kithain have been captured by these vampires and destroyed during experimentation.

Most Kindred have no idea the fae exist. Those who do know tend to view fae as extremely powerful but also very childish.


The clan that poses the most danger to the Kithain , and can have the most effect on the Dreaming, is Ravnos, although the majority of these Gypsy vampires are completely unaware of the danger they pose to fae. These Kindred have a power called Chimerstry, which to the mundane eye is illusion. The Kithain recognize it, however, as the power to create chimera. An illusion created by one of these vampires (whether animate or inanimate) is considered to be a chimer, albeit one that is not controlled by its maker. Weapons and creatures created using this power can cause chimerical damage to Kithain and the enchanted.

It is said that the Ravnos were taught their powers by an eshu who was beaten in a talecraft contest by the founder of Clan Ravnos. As the prize, the eshu granted the vampire the ability to perceive the Dreaming. Through this knowledge, the founder discovered a means by which he could manipulate the dreaming in ways not even understood by the fae. Though he was able to pass along the ability to craft illusions with the stuff of the Dreaming, the innate sight of the magical worlds was lost to future generations.


The madness and peculiar insights of the Malkavians brings them closer to the Dreaming than any other of the Kindred. The Kithain find them the easiest to deal with because of their low Banality. This clan of vampires has the closest ties to the fae with treaties and compacts going back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Many Malkavians recognize Kithain as being fae, even though they cannot perceive the Kithain’s fae mien or chimera unless enchanted. This is not always a good thing; the derangements of some Malkavians are not conducive to pleasant relations.

Malkavians are drawn to fae like moths to a flame, and the attraction is occasionally utal. It is not uncommon for a Malkavian to drop by a local freehold, and hand out qietly to watch the show or even to be bold enough to socialize. Most of the residents aren’t certain if the Kindred are always aware that they are in a freehold, and it’s possible the Malkavians themselves don’t know.

Malkavians have less chance of a bad reaction to drinking fae blood, and in fact drinking it can make them a bit more lucid than usual. The danger lies in the fact that some Malkavians get addicted to fae blood after only a few tastes. A Malkavian addicted to fae blood can prove to be a very dangerous predator.

Some Kithain (especially Unseelie) choose the high-risk, high-reward position as a Malkavian prankster’s muse. These Kithain inspire the mad vampires’ tendency to cruel and elaborate pranking, and reap the rewards in the Glamour produced. the difficulty of all Reverie rolls involving Malkavians are reduced by one.

Finally, one of the least known facts about Malkavians (and they prefer to keep it that way) is that they are completely unaffected by the Mists. Thgouh they must still be enchanted to be able to see a changeling’s fae mien and to interact with chimera, they remember absolutely everything once the enchantment wears off.


Perhaps the most closely related clan to the Kithain is the Kiasyd. These enigmatic vampires come from a strange magical experiment fusing together the blood of Kithain (notably sidhe and eshu) and a group of vampires called the Lasombra. These experiments were carried out with full knowledge and cooperation of the Shadow Court, and some older members still shaker their heads and hope some use can be found for these odd vampires.

Kiasyd keep to themselves as a rule, but once in a blue moon one can be found at a sluagh tea, sharing tales and esoteric knowledge. Although, they can perceive the Dreaming and Kithain quite easily, Kiasyd wisely stay out of fae business.

Kiasyd have a Discipline called Mytherceria, which allowed them to perceive and affect the Dreaming. Level one, Fey Sight, automatically allows the user to see the chimerical world, including the fae mien of a changeling and active chimera. A kiasyd using this power is considered to be enchanted for the purpose of being affected by chimera and cantrips. (The vampire must be actively using the power; just “having” it isn’t enough.)

Drinking Changeling Blood

Fae blood acts as a potent hallucinogen to any Kindred drinking it. Some jaded Kindred have come to consider it a delicacy, while others avoid it at all costs. There are also those who seek it for its supposed magical powers. Some whisper it can be used as a component in certain Tremere blood rituals.

The effects of drinking fae blood on Kindred are variable, such as power surges, hair growing out of embarrassing places, or perhaps oversized ears. As a general rule, however, as soon as the vampire ingests the blood, there is a moderate chance the vampire will enter the second threshold of Bedlam. Some may even enter the third stage of Bedlam and gain a permanent Derangement.

the Embrace

Fae who are embraced often do not survive the change. If by slight chance the fae does survive, she is immediately claimed by the mists and loses all connection to the Dreaming. Many believe that their faerie soul is forever lost and will never return to the world through reincarnation.



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