Art talecraft


(Kithbook: Eshu, pp 89-91)

This storytelling Art is mostly known to the eshu, who have the greatest use for it, but some levels are sometimes taught to deserving others. Since the bunks are usually things that don’t seem out of place in a storytelling performance, this Art is sometimes cast during such a performance.

Limitation – Talecraft is an Eshu Only art with exceptions only with select commoners (satyrs and pooka). Under no circumstances should this art be taught to Sidhe.

Attribute: Charisma

Note – All bunks for Talecraft must include some type of performance or tale, be it story, song, prose or the like.

Level 1 – Agemo’s Blessing

This cantrip enables a performer to determine the “mood” of their audience. This can be used at the beginning of a performance to test the mood of a crowd to determine the best fit for the audience. Impressions are given in the form of shadows or flickering shapes and colors, much like an aura to the crowd. Dark colors represent sadness or tragedy. Red colors represent anger. Bright colors or pleasing shapes represent a desire to be amused or laughter.

Type: Chimerical

Level 2 - Flickering Firelight

This cantrip allows the caster to pull incidental chimera born of the crowd to use in the performance to create lighting and sound effects to add to the tale.

Chimera created in this way have very little substance and no resistance to Banality. They cannot harm another, and touching them will make them dissipate. They have no will of their own. The effects last only until the story is completed.

A Perception + kenning roll (diff of casters successes + 3) can pierce the illusion by those that are suspicious of the effects.

Level 3 - Murmur in the Crowd

Though considered cheating, and rarely used by most eshu, sometimes nudging the mood of an audience is pragmatic and necessary. This cantrip enables the caster to subtly alter the audience’s mood to become more receptive to their performance.

The idea or emotion must be simply expressed in one or two words and is a gentle nudge, not an order. There is no control how the audience will react to the suggestion. For example, a crowd of redcaps may choose to “celebrate” in a much different fashion then boggans.

Multiple castings are cumulative. However, one failure will revert all effects. Botches cause negative effects on the crowd toward the caster (such as rotten tomatoes). The effects last only slightly longer than the performance (depending on the number of successes).

Type: Chimerical

Level 4 - Sticks and Stones

The eshu is able to create a shield to protect themselves from harm out of incidental chimera generated by their story that swirl in a protective circle around the caster, deflecting attacks. The shield fails if the story ends.

The caster may move and maintain the shield no faster than a brisk walk, but will suffer -2 dice on such attempts due to the concentration required. Only one or two words other than the required tale can be spoken or the cantrip is broken.

With an additional Glamour point, the shield may protect against such hazards as fire or gas. Additional persons behind the shield require an additional point of Glamour and +1 difficulty in casting. Physical contact with the caster is required to be included in the protection.

Type: Chimerical or Wyrd (but if wyrd the shield will fail quickly in front of banal observers)

Level 5 - Moment of Truth

Similar to Phantom Shadows, the eshu creates substantial illusions out of their story. Most are dismissed when the story is completed, but the caster can keep them around in the same manner as Phantom Shadows.

The caster is responsible for any actions taken by their creations (Beings of Truth).

This cantrip gives the illusions sentience and free form. They immediately know the desires of the caster and will carry them out. (If for whatever reason the caster forgets the illusions, they become free-willed, uncontrolled chimeria).

The creations have limitations. Computers can turn on but have limited software. Cars do not have gas to move. Soldiers do not have guns.

Each success gives the caster 5 chimera creation points to create the illusion. The shadow will remain as long as it is supplied with 1 point of Glamour per day, or it vanishes.

A Perception + Kenning roll (diff 7 with more successes than the caster) can allow a target to disbelieve the shadow, which causes it to disperse. Banality will also erode the illusion slowly over time.

Type: Wyrd

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