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Spirit Link

(Player’s Guide, pp 174-177)

Spirit Link is the Art of communicating with the spirits that inhabit the Uppper and Lower Worlds and reside in all natural objects and animals.

Limitation – Spirit Link is limited to Nunnehi and those deemed worthy by the Nunnehi to teach.

Attribute: Perception

Level 1 – World Sight

Allows the caster to assess the true spirit of a subject within the Upper or Lower Worlds, regardless of personal location. The Middle World requires the caster to be physically present.

The caster must be familiar with the subject or possess something that links her with the subject.

Assessing the true spirit can allow the caster to see if subject has been possessed, has a curse upon it, is a supernatural creature, etc.

The number of successes determine how well the perception of the target is.

Type: Wyrd

Level 2 – Ancestor Speech

The caster may contact the spirit of an ancestor if the ancestor was not Nunnehi or Changeling. If the ancestor is Nunnehi or Changeling, the faerie soul has since been reincarnated in another. The only exception is if the faerie soul was destroyed by some means (such as cold iron).

The spirits may be questioned, but they have no knowledge of the future, only the past.

The number of successes indicate the degree of detail imparted by the subject.

Type: Wyrd

Level 3 – Vision Quest

The cantrip allows the caster to gain a vision of the future or to help answer a dilemma. This allows a brief glimpse into a possible future. An answer to a question or problem is answered by a personal spirit totem.

This does not allow complete reveal of all story plots, but allows for hints.

A Vision Quest is full of symbols and omens that must be interpreted.

Successes determine depth and duration of the vision quest.

Type: Wyrd

Level 4 – Placate

This cantrip allows the caster to contact restless spirits in an effort to appease them. The caster must personally know the target or have something that links them (be it item , person or place).

This does not give control over the spirit, merely allows communication.

Successes determine the willingness of the spirit to allow the caster to appease it and the length of time needed to do so.

Type: Wyrd

Level 5 – Ghost Dance

This cantrip allows the caster to assure control over the spirits of the dead. This allows the caster to command or control a ghost, banish it from a place or object, or force it to return to the Lower World.

This can also be used against vampires and the like.

The number of successes indicate the degree of control.

Type: Wyrd

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Spirit Link

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