Prodigals is the term used to define the other supernatural creatures in the world. Vampires, Garou, Mages, and Wraiths are the most known races among the Prodigals.

Taken from the Book of Lost Dreams

The Kithain and the Dreaming are by no means the sole supernatural forces within the World of Darkness. Many other beings with their own factions and problems inhabit the twilight world away from the ken of humanity.

Changeling relations with these supernatural beings mostly deteriorated after the Shattering. Once Banality fell like a curtain over the land, the Kithain were more interested in surviving than playing politics with the dangerous and mercurial creatures sharing the shadows with them. There are notable exceptions, such as the fae/werewolf gatherings once every 10 summers in Hibernia, the sheltering of Kithain in Paris by the vampire Prince Villon, and the great compact of fae and magi in Great Britain. Most other supernaturals, notably the vampires, lost contact with the Kithain after the Shattering. Memories of the fae became like the half-remembered dreams of blood-warm nights.

With the return of the sidhe, however, and the arrival of an Indian Summer (a burst of Glamour before the coming of Winter), many ancient pacts, treaties and protocols were reestablished. The sidhe renewed their contact with the mages, werewolves and other supernaturals, almost as if time had not passed between them. For the most part, many of these groups were shocked and surprised to have these living legends turn up after nearly 600 years.

Now that the Kithain are becoming more active, they are coming into further contact with other supernatural forces. The nobility has been the major impetus behind the reopening of these lines of communication with those who used to be allies. With the renewed contact, however, the Kithain have also begun to rediscover ancient foes.

When dealing with the Prodigals, Kithain generally prefer to call upon the Wyrd so as to appear more impressive. It is much more advantageous for the local duke to negotiate with the Toreador prince as an exquisitely gorgeous creature wearing sublimely crafted ceremonial armor than as a 16 year old high school student in high-tops and a T-shirt. (Of course, the sidhe might find that he now has to worry about a vampire who decides she must have this beautiful creature, but that’s another matter entirely). Similarly, when trying to prove one’s valor in combat, better to be an 8 ft. tall troll facing off against that Crinos-form werewolf than a junior varsity halfback.

As the fae, most notably the sidhe, slip back more noticeably into the supernatural goings-on in the World of Darkness they reaffirm their ancient alliances. For example, the sidhe have long has a pact with the Silver Fang werewolves, as well as the mages known as the Order of Hermes. Other kith, houses and factions have their own allies among the Prodigals as well. The Shadow Court has friends in high places within the Sabbat. House Fiona’s kinain and the Fianna Kinfolk have intermarried extensively as well.

Since the Resurgence, the Kithain have also rediscovered old enemies. The werewolves who call themselves the Get of Fenris have an ancient blood feud with the sidhe, and will slay them on sight. The Ravnos vampires also come into conflict with the Kithain regularly. The Kithain’s oldest and dangerous enemy is as yet only rumored to be active. Although rumors of new sightings of the creatures called formorians are still just that, it is certain that something matching the description of the enemies of the fae still exists. There are those who whisper that House Balor prefers to keep its own counsel on the matter.

While the Kithain know much about their wayward cousins, much of their information is often out of date, coming from sages and lore that existed before the Shattering. The nobility, for example, knows the names and general trates of the clans of vampires from the 13th century, but the more recent bloodlines and politics are completely new to them. A sidhe might remember that a Ventrue should be received with the same dignity as a visiting noble, but would be much less likely know how to receive a Daughter of Cacophony. This lack of experience with the current states of supernatural politics often makes it difficult for the nobility to deal with those creatures. Many commoners, notably the sluagh, have more of an idea about the lay of the land right now. it causes much amusement when the duke makes a faux pas in the presence of the local magi by asking where the Ahl-i-Batin are.



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