Noble Houses


Upon character creation, every sidhe belongs to a noble house and gains an additional boon and flaw. Commoners (typically called every other damn race in the dreaming) may join noble houses after swearing oaths and possibly doing complicated tests demonstrating their loyalty, at which point they also gain the house boon and flaw.

Typically, most of members of a house will be a part of the same court (Seelie and Unseelie. However, there are exceptions. These exceptions are often watched closely by the house leaders.

House Aesin – Unseelie

House aesin

Description: Originating in the icy regons of Scandinavia, the Sidhe of this house refer to themselves as “Guardians of the North.” House Aesin are lords over nature and able to speak to animals, but like the icy domain they rule, they feel little when it comes to commoners that don’t know their place. Despite being highly dutiful and honorable warriors, the majority of House Aesin find themselves on the unseelie side of things.
Boon: Aisen members are able to speak with animals.

Flaw: Aisen members are unable to emotionally relate to anyone of lower status than themselves, and also lose three dice on all social interactions with individuals not of at least their rank and station.

House Ailil – Unseelie

House ailil

Description: This house is known above all others as being the most politically influential of the Unseelie houses. Indeed, to cross a member of this house is to be dealt a slow torture, as they will never confront you directly. Making use of any resource possible, wether it be seelie, unseelie, thallain, or even dauntain, to socially out maneuver one belonging in this house is hard to do. However they are very arrogant, and will never admit to a mistake in any thing.

Boon: Members of House Ailil gain two dice on all non-cantrip manipulation and subterfuge rolls.

Flaw: Members of House Ailil are extremely condescending and have to spend one point of willpower to ever admit that they were wrong.

House Balor – Unseelie

House balor

Description: This power hungry house is exclusively Unseelie and is said to originate from the offspring of a Sidhe and a Fomorian. This belief is only furthered by the fact that the members of this House always have some form of deformity, which could be mental, physical or even a strange social quirk. Balor is infamous for reveling in the Unseelie nature of things, indeed there is something tainted about them. However, unlike most Sidhe, they do not suffer from Banality’s Curse, Frailty, and are more resistant to cold iron than most changelings.

Boon: Although the Formorian blood intermingled in their own lends them a deformity of types, it does shield them from some effects of cold iron. A Balor can carry iron with no peanalty nor loss of glamour if struck by cold iron.

Flaw: All Balor have some type of a deformity. They are also limited to not having a willpower higher than 6.

Note: House Balor is not a playable house in the EM campaign.

House Beaumayn – Seelie

House beaumayn

Description: A house of seers and prophets and sworn enemies of the Shadow Court and all minions of the Fomorians. This oath against the Shadow Court, Thallains, and any awakening Formorians is so strong however, that the agents of these shadowy affairs can feel when one of the house is near. Originating in France, and the name, roughly meaning “good hand” comes from the house’s founder , Jalendrel the Good-Handed. House Beaumayn spent many years imprisoned in Arcadia for the actions of one of its fringe groups, watching in frustration as the world changed around them. However, it was the first of the "Lost Houses’ to return to the Autumn World, charged with the task of battling the agents of the Formorians and unifying the Seelie Houses.

Boon: Members of House Beaumayn are natural prophets, having dreams and visions that can be interpreted with a Intellegence + Gremayre (diffuculty 8) roll. Beaumayn may attempt a trance by spending a Willpower point, and rolling glamour minus their Rememberance score.

Flaw: Prophecies have also lent to a harmfull backlash. Shadow Court and Thallain can sense when a Beaumayn is in the area with a sucessfull Perception + Kenning (diffuculty 7) roll. Members of the House are also at a -2 Penalty when dealing with nobles of any house other than Fiona and Liam if their house is known.

House Daireann

House daireann

Description: This Unseelie house specializes in warfare, poisons, and oddly enough hospitality. Indeed, members of this house are courageous fighters and renowned hosts, giving their hospitality to friend or foe if asked. House Daireann is a Celtic house named after a daughter of Dagda. And whiles being great warriors, they have something of a bragging problem. So much so that they tend to tell the wrong sorts of secrets to the wrong sorts of people. Letting out intimate secrets about any Geas they are under, flaws in their carefully crafted plots, or the single way to kill them. All in a terribly drawn out and boastful story.

Boon: Members of this house will not flee from combat unless ordered to do so by their leader, and are at a -1 diffidulty to invoke Dragon’s Ire.

Flaw: House members have a hard time keeping a secret. Anytime boasting their deeds, they must make a Willpower roll (with 3 sucesses) to keep from revealing a secret.

House Dougal – Seelie

House dougal

Description: Whiles many other Sidhe houses revel in the political end of things, Dougal remains an exception. The members of this Seelie house, whiles having very little in the way of political power. make up for it by being some of the finest craftsmen known to the Sidhe, even to some commoners. (just don’t tell the Nockers that). Being able to weave glamour into all their projects, they can create the finest armors, weapons, or fae tech imaginable. Despite this however, they all suffer from some sort of handicap that may be compensated with the use of a crafted chimerical item.

Boon: Dougal members can convert willpower to glamour or vice versa once per day.

Flaw: Dougal members all suffer from one sort of physical deformity.

House Eiluned – Seelie

House eiluned

Description: Embroiled in hidden wisdom, and almost a set of their own personal guide lines it isn’t any wonder that House Eiluned is known as the “house of secrets”. A top their love of secrets, these nobles are known for their mysterious natures, their love of intrigue and their skills with the Arts.

Boon: Spend one point of willpower to add an extra die to a cantrip attempt.

Flaw: Eiluned members must make a willpower check to avoid listening in to conversations or rumor mongering at any given opportunity.

House Fiona – Seelie

House fiona

Description: If there is a house that symbolizes the Seelie code tenet of “Love Conquers All.” We are hard pressed to find it. Next to Satyrs, the House Fiona is known for their taking of excess. Putting their passions well before their duty, this house is highly popular with commoner kiths and the most flexible when it comes to interpretations of tradition, as far as seelie houses that is. This house is know for its ties with the Garou, particularly the Fianna, whom some can even be claimed as kin to. They always showing bravery in the face of terrible odds, and yet they have a tendency to somehow become entangled in epic romantic tragedies.

Boon: Fiona members are immune to any form of fear except when concerning someone they love.

Flaw: Fiona members always have tragic love relationships, which always end up in spectacular failure at a level that Captain Kirk cringes.

House Gwydion – Seelie

House gwydion

Description: Rulers among the Rulers, this house sees themselves as the most powerful of the noble houses. Politically, they see themselves as the true rulers of the fae. They are able to divine the truth from lies and have an unfortunate tendency to go berserk in battle. Indeed this house sports some powerful and well known names. Powerful and revered High King David, the honorable and just Duke Topaz, and the beloved Queen Morganna all hail from this regal and paramount of houses.

Boon: Gwydion members can make a willpower check to see if a person is lying (although not what they are lying about, and this is a yes/no answer, so partial truths don’t count).

Flaw: Gwydion members enter a rage when their honor is insulted or they become heavily wounded. To avoid this rage, the Gwydion must spend a point of will power and make a will power check, gaining at least three successes.

House Leanhaun – Unseelie

House leanhaun

Description: The most artistic of the Unseelie houses hides with it a terrible secret, one that they would much rather forget but never can. Because of a curse set upon them before the shattering, members of this house grow old before their time, aging nearly a full year for every week they go without potent glamour. Unfortunately, the only way to achieve glamour that is powerful enough to retard and even reverse this effect is with the terrible and forbidden form of Ravaging known as “Rhapsody”, in which a dreamer’s glamour well is plucked completely dry. Indeed, this artistic house personifies what it means to be the “starving artist.”

Boon: Leanhaun members receive an additional point of presence and a point of persuasion at character creation.

Flaw: Leanhaun members age one year for every week unless they spend a point of glamour (and can even remove years by spending additional points of glamour). They also suffer a -1 penalty for being a wilder, and a -2 penalty for being a grump, on every physical challenge.

House Liam – Seelie

House liam

Description: Believing themselves to be the defenders of mortals, this house is known for not only retaining strong ties to them but also as The Exiled House. This exiling of the House of Liam was brought about by King Liam’s personal interest in the church before the Sundering. This personal interest was deemed as a threat, due to the church viewing the Fae on the side of demons and the Devil. So even among the nobles to this day, they are considered dishonored and oathbroken.

Boon: Liam members can automatically enchant mortals and are up one die on all cantrips affecting mortals.

Flaw: Liam members start with an additional point of banality and are treated as though they have one point less of title than they actually possess.

House Scathach – Seelie

House scathach

Description: These sidhe are the only house to remain on Earth during the Interregnum en masse, and as such, reincarnate much in the same manner as commoners do. As they stayed on Earth, they, unlike the Sidhe who retreated to Aracdia are unaffected by Banality’s Curse. However they are unable to use the Art of Sovereign. Silent and skilled warriors, they are, but more than often lose themselves in the bloodlust of combat. They are reviled by the other houses even more than House Liam, as they are not even considered to be true sidhe.

Boon: Scathach are silent warriors. They receive an extra die on all brawl and melee rolls. They are also at a -1 difficulty for stealth rolls. All Scathach receive this boon. Secondly, all Scathach are unaffected by Banality’s Curse and therefore do not receive double the banality.

Flaw: Scathach members have to spend a point of willpower to leave combat while there are still enemies present that can fight. Additionally, members of House Scathach cannot learn Sovereign.

House Varich – Unseelie

House varich

Description: A Russian house named after the progeny of the Sun and the Moon. Members of this Unseelie house are able to discern patterns in anything, whether it be fancy sword fighting, a complex dance, or sport. They also deem themselves to be lords over the Inanimae, as well as Kithain. But despite their claims to these things, they can neither swear an oath of love, nor reject a challenge brought before them.

Boon: If a Varich member studies some action for three rounds while doing nothing else, they gain two dice to any rolls including the action of their study.

Flaw: Varich members cannot fall in love and have to accept any challenges that they’re issued. If they refuse a challenge, they lose one point of willpower per day until they accept the challenge.

Switching Houses

Characters may switch houses by breaking oaths and making new ones, with consequences up to the story teller (and also the normal issue of breaking an oath as outlined in the oaths section). The character loses the old house boon and flaw, and takes the new house’s boon and flaw.


Noble Houses

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