This Art deals with rune-magic and true names. It is usually only possessed by powerful nobles and seers. It is said that the Crystal Circle guild teaches this Art to its members, and any character should be considered a “sorcerer” before learning it. This Art is powerless against someone that knows the caster’s true name. (Note-This art must be approved by the ST.)

Level 1 – Seek ‘n’ Spell

This cantrip allows the caster to decipher the meaning in any written text, regardless of the language or code it’s written in, and even if the meaning is magically obscured (though the obscuring spell would oppose the Seek ‘n’ Spell cantrip).

Level 2 – Rune

This cantrip involves inscribing a rune to enhance other cantrips or actions. The rune is drawn on or inscribed on whatever the caster wishes to enchant in this manner.

Level 3 – Runic Circle

This creates protection against magical powers of all sorts. It is most effective against faerie magic, secondarily against the Sphere magick of mages, and is weakest against the powers of vampires, werewolves, and the like.

Level 4 – Saining

This cantrip is used to discover a target’s true name. It is used in the Saining ceremony (hence its name), but has more sinister uses. Chimerical weapons or objects that are named in this manner become more powerful.

Level 5 – Reweaving

This allows the caster to rearrange the runes in a target’s true name (the true name must be known prior to casting this cantrip) changing it to something else. Usually, when used on sentient beings, it only changes their personality (though its changes are, for all intents and purposes, permanent). When used on inanimate objects it literally transforms them into something else entirely.



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