Art metamorphosis


“The Power of Transformation”

Long ago, faeries could change their forms as easily as dreams shift. The bane of the world has made this more and more difficult as disbelief clouds the world. A small sliver of this dream has been passed on as the Art of Metamorphosis.

This art is used only to turn one living creature into another living creature. Inanimate objects cannot be transformed by this art.

Successes determine the duration of the cantrip and how convincing the cantrip is. Successes must be split between these two objectives. For duration, use the following chart:

  • 1 success – One minute
  • 2 successes – One hour
  • 3 successes – Twelve hours
  • 4 successes – One day
  • 5 successes – Three days

Spending a temporary point of Glamour will add one level to the cantrip’s duration.

Limitation: It is extremely rare for sidhe to learn this art.

Attribute: Stamina

Level 1: Hidden Form

This cantrip allows the changeling to camouflage herself or another living being into the surroundings. This cantrip only affects vision. The subject can still be heard, but the effect does affect cameras. Note: this is a physical camouflage, unlike the mental equivalent from Veiled Eyes.

To pierce the illusion, one must make a spot check at a +3 diff.

Type: Wyrd

Level 2: Impersonate

This cantrip allows the ability to alter the appearance of the subject.

Level 3: Go Ask Alice

Effect: Double or half the user or target’s height for each success gained in the casting of this cantrip.

Level 4: Merlin’s Lessons

Cost: 1 glamour

Effect: Transform into a natural animal. With the expenditure of one point of glamour, the user (or target) gains all the natural advantages and disadvantages of the animal they transform into (such as quills, musk attacks, poison, etcetera).

Level 5: Mythic Transformation

Cost: 1 glamour and 1 willpower

Effect: Turn into any mythical animal with all of its advantages and disadvantages. This cantrip is very heavily impeded by banality, and the user receives double banality in the autumn world for using this cantrip.

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