The following terms are common to Changeling.

Adhene – Old Form word for all the Denizens of a given race. This term is sometimes used to refer to all Denizens everywhere.

Arcadia – The land of the Fae; home of all faeries within the Dreaming.

Arcadian fae – Those fae who fled to Arcadia at the time of the Shattering and have since returned during the First and Second Resurgence.

Aria – the triad of forms and emotional states exhibited by each Denizen. The three Aria are the Dioniae (base instincts), the Araminae (the every day psyche) and the Apolliae (the ‘higher self’).

Arts – The ways of shaping Glamour (magic).

Asura – Fae of India and Persia. First mentioned in the Denizens of the Dreaming book. Part of a Project in the C:tD projects section.

Autumn – The modern age.

Autumn Fae – Refers to changelings that have succumbed to Banality and forgotten their true nature, and also those kiths that stayed on Earth during the Shattering.

Autumn World – The mundane world where humans live.

Banal Shiver – The seed of Banality that haunts the souls of all changelings, forever barring them from Arcadia.

Banality – Mortal disbelief, as it affects changelings and their Glamour. The absence of the dream. This is the only thing that can truly harm a Fae. Banality comes in many forms. The most dangerous of which is cold iron. (More about Banality.)

Balefire – The fire that is the focus of Glamour in a freehold.

Bedlam – A kind of madness that falls upon changelings who stray too far from the mortal world.

Boggies – No relation to boggans, boggies are junior-grade versions of river hags and the like.

Bunk – The price Glamour exacts for it’s power (reagents).

Cantrip – A spell created through Glamour by using a combination of Arts and Realms.

Champion – A warrior chosen by one of higher rank to fight in his stead. A champion always wears a token of his patron, which he keeps if he wins the duel.

Changeling – A Fae who has taken on mortal form in order to survive on earth.

Childling – A child who has come fully into his changeling nature; this lasts until he becomes a wilder, around 13 years of age. Childlings are known for their innocence and affinity with Glamour, and are well-protected by other changelings.

Chimera – A bit of dream made real; unseen by mortals, chimera are part of the enchanted world and cannot be seen by mortals. Chimera may be objects or entities. A bit of dream made real. (also a term for ICQ by some Fae)

Commoner – Any of the changeling kith who are not Sidhe.

CWR -The Changeling Way Ritual

Dauntain – Fae-hunters, deeply twisted by banality.

Deep Dreaming, the – The furthest reaches of the Dreaming. The most powerful Dream Realms, such as Arcadia, exist here (Star Room, Green Acres, etc.)

Dreaming, the – The collective dreams of humanity. Changelings often travel in these realms both to seek adventure and to gather the raw dreamstuff that can be used in crafting chimera (the entire UO world can be seen as the Dreaming). The land of the fae, composed of Glamour. It is also said to have a will and desires, although it isn’t exactly sentient. Consider it a third Umbra to match the Spirit and dark Umbras.

Dreamrealms – The lands comprising Arcadia and the other realms of Dreaming. The Dreaming in its somewhat benign state, where the dangers are balanced by the wonders to be found.

Dreamstuff – The very fabric of the Dreaming, solidified Glamour.

Enchant – To imbue a mortal with the power to see the faerie realm.

Escheat – The highest of faerie laws.

Fae – A being indigenous to the Dreaming (though not always a current resident thereof).

Fae Mien – A changelings Fae visage, visible to only other faeries and enchanted beings (RPers. )

Far Dreaming, the – The Far Dreaming is only attainable through the Near Dreaming. Many dreamrealms exist here.

Fior – A contest, the point of which is to determine justice.

Fledge – A newly awakened changeling of any age.

Flesh Realm, The – The mundane world, where changelings live their mortal lives and suffer the plague called Banality. Also called the Waking World and the world of Flesh. (see also the Waking World, Autumn world or mundane realm)

Freehold – A place that is infused with Glamour. Important to all changelings, freeholds are proof against banality – for all time.

Gallain – a term used by the more populous and well known Kithain to refer to ‘all others’.

Glamour – The living force of the Dreaming – Magic. The energy that changelings use to power their cantrips. Glamour is generated by mortal creativity and imagination. (More about Glamour)

Grump – A changeling of elder years, usually beginning around the age of 25 (human age). Very few changelings reach this age.

Hue and Cry – A hunt called out against a criminal, or, the call of all changelings to come and defend a freehold.

Kin – Human relatives of a changeling whom do not possess faerie blood.

Kinain – Human kinfolk of a changeling who possess faerie blood and frequently have strange magical “gifts” because of it. Mortal member of a bloodline with supernatural abilities stemming from their fae lineage.

Kith – All of the changelings of a specific kind. One’s kith determines the nature of one’s faerie guise and soul.

Kithain – Changeling’s self-referential term. Refers to a group of changeling kiths that are related; the ones found in the corebook, and possibly a few others.

Liege – One’s sworn noble sovereign, whether baron, count, duke or king.

Long Winter – The prophesied eradication of all Glamour (Game Over.)

Lost Houses – The noble Houses that arrived during the Second Resurgence.

Madness Realms – Places in the Near Dreaming where the madness of human Dreamers can sometimes cause serious dilemmas for the Kithain.

Mien – Changelings exist in two worlds and have two forms: One is a plain human form, the Mortal Mien; the other is their True faerie form, the Fae Mien. Both exist simultaneously.

Mists – An effect that clouds Banal individuals’ minds. It causes them to forget things, depending on how Banal they are, and also causes really Banal individuals to overlook fantastic things like chimera. The Mists can sometimes cause people and things to be tossed directly into the Dreaming. The Mists are largely a regarded as a protective thing.

Morpheus Sabinis – The crime of Dream-Rape. Despised by both Courts and banned by the Escheat; this crime violates two of its tenets: the Right of Ignorance and the Right to Dream.

Mortal Seeming – The mortal appearance of a changeling. This is how mortals perceive a changeling (non-RP).

Motley – A family or gang of commoners.

Mythic Realm, The – The Dreaming. Also, the world of Myth.

Near Dreaming – The realm of the Dreaming most accessible from earth, usually through a trod.

Nightmare Realms – Where nightmares dwell in the Dreaming. These places, pushed by the Firchlis, can overrun the Dream Realms. Here, the threats are more serious than in many other parts of the Dreaming. (see also Tenebrous Realms)

Noble – Any changeling raised to noble title; although nobles are typically Sidhe, lately commoners have begun receiving noble positions.

Oathbond – The mystical bond create by the swearing of an oath.

Onus – Kithain lost to Bedlam, who become part of the trods they swear to protect from travelers.

Paths of Balor – One-way trods, different in color and texture from the Silver Paths. They lead to other realms, ones controlled by mages, Garou and wraiths. Most are only found in the Deep Dreaming.

Prodigals – The other supernatural races of the world. Believed to have once been fae, these races have forgotten their true natures. Includes Werewolves, Vampires and Magi.

Resurgence – In 1969, the moon landing causes an overflow of Glamour that opened many trods, and allowed the sidhe to return from Arcadia. That event is called the Resurgence.

Saining – The “Naming”; a ritual performed on newly awakened changelings to determine his kith, his True Name and his place within the Dreaming.

Shattering – A time in the Middle ages / Renaissance (I’m not sure on the date more precisely than that) when the Mists arose, Banality grew in strength, and most connections between the mundane world and the Dreaming were cut off. The time when most of the sidhe fled the mundane world for Arcadia.

Spawning Fields – Places where the dreams of mortals pour directly into the Dreaming. They are dangerous places where chimera are born and often quickly expire.

Stable Points – Places in the Dreaming that remain mostly unaffected by the Firchlis.

Sun and Serpent – The border between the Kingdom of the Burning Sun and the Kingdom of the Feathered Serpent. One of the most volatile places in Concordia.

Sundering – A time in mythic history when Banality first arose, and the Dreaming became somewhat separated from the mundane world.

Thallain – “dark fae” Formorian Minions that closely resemble fae but are much darker.

Trod – A pathway, road or other means of travel through the Dreaming. Often connected to raths, Freehold or other Fae fixed positions.

Vassal – The sworn servant of a liege.

Vellum – A specially preserved chimerical hide which changeling scribes write (scrolls).

Westerling – traditionally seen as the European Fae. The Nine Kiths detailed in the Core book.

Westerling Gallain – Gallain that are geographically from the same area as the standard Westerling Kiths, but due to rarity, solitude, tradition, or differences in their nature are still considered Gallain. See clurichaun, selkie, piskie, river hags, and domovoi.

Wilder – A changeling of adolescent years, usually from age 13 to 25 (human age). Known for their wild undertakings and loose tempers, wilders are the most common changelings.

wilderhood – The state of being a wilder, a changeling roughly between the ages of 12 and 25. Wilders make up the real movers and shakers in changeling society, and much of the game is focused on them.

Yearning – Also called “the Gloomies”, the Yearning is the utter longing for Arcadia that overcomes grumps as Banality encroaches upon them (what happened to Elias Zith and Sabrin Palandar).

(Vulgar Argot)

Churl – A vassal; insulting if used to describe a noble.

Codger – A word for grump.

Callowfae – Self-absorbed Fae with no purpose higher than that of play; often said in reference to childlings, insulting if used to describe any other Fae.

Chiven – Craven, cowardly or wimpy.

Chummery – A particularly hospitable freehold.

Cozen – To cheat someone or steal something.

Fancypants – A nickname for Sidhe or any self-absorbed noble.

Foredoom – When use of Soothsay (fortune telling) prophesies very bad news.

Jimp – To create a faerie token, or charm (usually as a gift).

Mew – A commoner freehold, usually controlled by a motley.

Mux – To REALLY screw up something; to add disorganization and chaos to things.

Sots – Mundane people (Non-RPers.)

(Old Form)

Augmen, The – The effects of the Dreaming on changelings. As they go further into the Dreaming, more of their true fae nature comes forth.

Burgess – A mortal; sometimes used to refer to commoners.

Crepusc – The period at the end of any Fae festival when activities have begun to die down, but the night is not over. It is said to be a particularly mystical time, when the perceptive will discover many secrets.

Clarion – A call to war made by a noble to his vassals.

Covey – A group of changelings united by an oathbond.

Dan – Fate; one’s destiny and karma.

Draocht – Cantrips and other faerie magic.

Driabhar – A treasure, usually one of great power.

Elder Dark – The general term for the Fomorians and their Dream. Can include non-Celtic enemies of the fae.

Entrant – A worthy rival, one assumed to merit prolonged struggle and respect.

Firchlis – While in the Dreaming, the setting around you can randomly change. That change is called the Firchlis.

Fomorians – The lords of another Dream, the antithesis of the Arcadian Dream. The Fomorians are said to be born from the evil that resides within the heart of humankind. They were defeated by the Tuatha de Danu millennia ago and have been bound into prisons within the Dreaming. (see also Fomorian Sea Devils, Fomhoire)

Fuidir – The vassals to whom one owes fealty.

Gloam – The blackest part of the night.

Gosling – A childling or very young Fae.

Greybeard – A grump; a term of respect.

Grandame – A powerful female Sidhe, often used when speaking of the queen.

Laud – To receive glory and courtly acclaim. Often some sort of token is bestowed as well.

Mistweir – the final barrier between the Far Dreaming and the Deep Dreaming. The Mistweir completely surrounds the Deep Dreaming and is a barrier between the mundane and fantastic.

Mot – An adage, maxim, or saying.

Otherwhere – the void between the Dreaming and the Umbrae, where the unfortunate fall when walking between the trods. This place is not as empty it might seem, and sometimes, what falls Otherwhere can come back, altered beyond any hope of recognition.

Privy Council – The inner council of a liege and his high-ranking vassals.

Reune – A noble rendezvous, often a secret negotiation.

Reveries – Flesh-bound chimera who’ve discovered ways to extend their time in the Waking Lands.

Tenebrous Realms – Undefined by any map or borders, the Tenebrous Realms is a catchall term used by changelings to define the poorly understood realms off the Silver Path. To all but the most adventurous changelings, these places are considered dark, alien and dangerous.

Trollop – A promiscuous Fae.

True Creatures of Myth – Those chimera that reflect the creatures now lost to the Waking World. some chimera are recent creations of the Dreaming, but True Creatures of Myth have existed since the time of the Shattering. They are protected from the Banality of the Flesh Realm by the Dreaming’s power.

Twilight Paths – The fae refer to those unknown trods not protected by the Silver Path as the “Twilight Paths.” Twilight Paths increase exponentially in the deepward realms. Many of the Twilight Paths are one-way, like the Paths of Balor. Most Twilight Paths can be traveled by anyone; but do not enjoy the benefits of the Silver Path. Few of these paths are well-mapped by Kithain. To changelings such trods are dark, dangerous and best used with caution — if at all.

Umbrae – Places of power for other supernatural entities: the High Umbra of the human sorcerers, the Middle Umbra of the werewolves and other shapeshifters and the Low Umbra, where the ghosts of dead mortals suffer damnation.

Vale of Mists, The – the mystic barrier separating the Near Dreaming, the Far Dreaming and the Deep Dreaming, where the Mists of Forgetfulness are strongest.

Voile – Chimerical clothing, garb and/or jewelry. Chimerical clothing that changelings wear. Voile is tied into the nature of the changeling who wears it, and thus is much more resistant to Banality than most chimera.

Wyrd – The act of bringing the chimerical world into the Autumn one. When a changeling Calls Upon the Wyrd, the things normally only seen by other changelings can be seen by mundane humans. Her fae mien is visible, her chimerical sword cuts and chimerical cantrips affect the mundane world.

INANIMAE: The Secret Way Lexicon

Anchor – similar to a Kithain freehold, these places hold a personal attachment for Inanimae. If an Inanimae’s Anchor is destroyed or corrupted she will die. Anchors exist both in the mundane world and in the Dreaming.

Dreamform – the form an Inanimae takes when not in a Husk.

Effigy – Eastern form of Mannikin (see World of Darkness: Tokyo)

Facade (or Flesh Facade) – essentially, an Inanimae’s mortal seeming. The form that Inanimae take so that they can interact with mortals and changelings.

Gladeling – an Inanimae whose Anchor is still natural and has not been Krofted.

The Glass Circle – an organization of Kithain who study the Inanimae.

Husk – the more commonly used term for the Facade.

Husk~riding – used to describe an Inanimae who is in her Husk form.

Jeu – equivalent to a Kithain’s seeming. Determines how long an Inanimae has been awake.

Krofted – Anything crafted by humankind. This term is also used for those Inanimae who have chosen a form created by mortals: Mannikins, Golems, etc.

Land of Unfulfilled Dreams – the mundane world.

Meat – mortals, also changelings who have taken mortal form.

Phyla – the kith of the Inanimae: which are ~ Glomes, Kuberas, Ondines, Parosemes, Solimonds & Mannikins.

Sessile Ones – a word used by the Kithain to describe Inanimae.

Slivers – Inanimae Arts: which are ~ Aquis, Petros, Pyros, Stratus & Verdage.

Slow Empires – the empires of the Inanimae; divided into air, fire, stone, water, wood and the Krofted.

Slumber – the time that the Inanimae spent dormant in their Anchors.

Somnolence (or Long Slumber) – when an Inanimae Slumbers for a long time. This occurred to almost all Inanimae during the Shattering.



Black Magicians
The Cursed
The Lost

Agendas – The mundane powers of the Dauntain: Burnout, Stultify, Webcraft. To unweave Glamour, alter perceptions and create null zones where Glamour is neutralized – the powers of disabling the children of the Dreaming.

Dauntain Dooms – A path that has led a changeling away from the world of the Dreaming and into the clutches of Banal anti-Glamour, Dooms are the dark fates of changelings that fall from grace. (see Apostates, Black Magicians, The Cursed, The Lost, Nihilists & Typhoids)

Stigmas – Stains upon the Dauntain, marks upon their Fae Mien that foreshadow their Undoing. Possessed by some Dauntain, not all, Stigmas imprint Dauntain with a unique gift that contradicts Glamour and increases the slippery slope down into Banality.

Autumn Fae – A paradox, similar to the mortal Autumn People, those of fae blood or changelings on the verge of insanity — unlike the Dauntain, these beings spread banality yet remain oblivious to the fact. Able to use Glamour (which invariably corrupts) and live as changelings unfettered yet also able to infect the residents of the Dreaming with Banality. A cancer in the dream realms; agents of stasis.

Salvation – The means to undo the ties to Banality and the only hope of saving former Kithain from becoming Dauntain.


Aki no yume hito bito – Autumn Dream people, the archaic term or Old Form now virtually unused (see Akiyume).

Akiyume – Autumn Dream. Changelings unique to the East, unlike western changelings they make no distinction between Kithain or Gallain, even though there clearly are Akiyume which can be seen to be so, the Eastern dream children do not label themselves into two separate groups or classifications.

kumuyume – The Eastern Adhene, Denizens of the Dreaming and the Lords of Nightmares.

Ba Xian – “Ten Thousand Dreams;” Tuatha De Danaan, the mysterious progenitors of the Fae.

Kowaku – Glamour.

Kurai no yume hito bito – Dark Dream People, the archaic term or Old Form now virtually unused (see Kuraiyume).

Kuraiyume – Dark Dream. The Thallain of the East, known in some regions and provinces as the Hakujouyumi.

Lingzhi – A breach of the Mists located in China, the mythic faerie herb, a plant, which holds the properties of the Dreaming and bestows miraculous healing and resistance against numerous ailments. Supposedly once granted immortality before the Shattering.

Penglai Shan – Island of the Immortals. The mythic home of the Akiyume, another interpretation of Arcadia.

Suku no yume hito bito – Empty Dream People, the archaic term or Old Form now virtually unused (see Sukuyume).

Sukuyume – Empty Dream. The Dauntain of the East, known in some regions and provinces as the Karappoyumi.

Xuanpu – The enchanted realm in the Kunlun Mountains.


Pointy ears – derogatory term for the sidhe.


C:tD – Changeling: the Dreaming
BoLH (or BoLH’s) – Book of Lost Houses
DotD – Denizens of the Dreaming
BoH – Book of Houses
BoG – Book of Glamour
ItSW – Inanimae: the Secret Way
FL – Fools Luck: Way of the Commoner
NtSH – Nobles: the Shining Host
KoW – Kingdom of Willows
WiC – War in Concordia
IotM – Isle of the Mighty
D&N – Dreams and Nightmares
F&HG – Freeholds and Hidden Glens
CW – The Changeling Way
CWR – The Changeling Way Ritual



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