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“The Power of Winter”

(oWoD Sourcebook Blood-Dimmed Tides pp. 77-80)

Ice isn’t nearly so feared on land as it is in the water, but it can often spell death for the mer. Although this Art was created by the mer, trolls who witness its ice-sculpting beauty often beg to be taught its ways. its beauty has a double edge to changelings, who sense its connection to the forces of Banality — immobility, rigidity, crystalline symmetry — all to readily. Although still devastating on land, the powers of Kryos all work undersater at a -1 difficulty.

Limitation – Kryos is limited to Mer, Trolls, and Satyrs

Attribute: Strength

Level 1: Cold Shock

This cantrip makes the target bitterly cold, not quite to the freezing point, but certainly enough to cause discomfort. The cold bites down almost instantly, and it is as though the person or object had been in freezing weather for some time.

If used against a living target, the victim must make a Stamina roll (diff 5 + the number of successes) or lose two-dice from all dice pools due to the numbing cold (cold-blooded creatures lose 4 dice, and are in physical pain from the effect) The effect lasts for a scene.

Type: Wyrd

Level 2: Gelid Rime

This cantrip covers the target in a thin curst of ice. Although not thick enough to hold a person, it can certainly slow a target down, and can be used to jam up things like keyholes.

The number of successes determines the thickness of the ice.

*1 success = “Wafer thin”
*2 successes = Quarter-inch
*3 successes = Half-inch
*4 successes = Three-quarters of an inch
*5 successes = One inch

Type: Wyrd

Level 3: Frost Facsimile

This handy cantrip allows the changeling to create a tangible facsimile of an item out of ice. This changeling is almost never caught without a weapon, and always seems to have an extra tool handy. While the facsimile is still crafted of ice (a magnetic keypad will not unlock for an ice key, and an ice crowbar is too brittle to pry anything) this is still a wildly useful art for creating diversions and handy devices.

The number of successes determines the strength of the item created. Note that the heat of the general area can affect this outcome.

*1 success = Generally weak and flimsy
*2 successes = Not brittle, but still likely to melt
*3 successes = Reasonably sturdy
*4 successes = Not likely to break or melt
*5 successes = Strong as steel

Type: Wyrd

Level 4: Crystal Prison

This dangerous cantrip actually encases a victim in a block of ice. Note that the victim is completely encased and may die of suffocation if her head is covered.

The changeling can choose to localize the effects (“his gun hand” or “just his feet”) at a + 1 difficulty.

The number of successes determines the thickness of the ice.

*1 success = One inch
*2 successes = Three inches
*3 successes = Six inches
*4 successes = Nine inches
*5 successes = One foot

Type: Wyrd

Level 5: Cold Heart

The devastating effects of this cantrip literally freeze someone from the inside out. Unlike the choking effects of Crystal Prison, Coldheart is more of a mystical freezing, like suspended animation; the changeling can even use it on herself in times of crisis. The target of the cantrip becomes painfully cold to the touch. While frozen the target is unconscious, immune to poisons, gases, and other toxins, and all bodily processes cease. However, the frozen target is also as brittle as ice, and thawing after being shattered is highly unpleasant.

The number of successes determines the length of time the target remains frozen until it melts. Unless the changeling’s roll botches, she may choose to have the duration be anything up to and including her total success; for instance, if Tarshinelle gets four successes on her roll, and wants to freeze hersle only for a week’s time, she may do that. However, if she botched her roll, she might find herself frozen for the whole year possibly plus change.

*1 success = One day
*2 successes = One week
*3 successes = One month
*4 successes = One year
*5 successes = Permanent (although some say that a kiss can rouse the victim)

Type: Wyrd

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