Johnny's Journal

November 10, 2010 00:36

Entry Three:

Two days later, baby, and Johnny is lookin, smellin’, and feeling like a million bucks! Or at least half that, baby. When it rains; it pours, and fortune finally smiles on old Johnny.

Terry came to me with promises of gold, a game to be played, for the savvy and bold. To Caer Carousel, for Poker and wine, a possible 400k to be mine. The games did drag on and all once seemed lost, but I did prevail, at some kind of cost.

Met a few cool cats though at the game. Count Vincente was there. I hate when rich boys try to gamble cause they think it’ll make them the Lion King when that bitch went down like Scar! Johnny won the first round pretty easy, but the second was more fierce, baby.

Tall man played well, but fell before Johnnys sway. The Copper Lady though, baby, she played like it was in her veins, had ol’ Johnny running scared before she made a mistake.

Now, Johnny has no real concerns about feelings, but something about the way they dragged her out kicking and screaming made Johnny think for once. Maybe he should make some amends.

Agloamreeds and Bedlams, Far Dreams yet to come. Someday I’ll take the trip, but not today, baby. Johnny ain’t runnin in this time, gotta learn the ways to make it through these days.

On my way, to finally rest, I overheard a chatter. So Johnny snuck down a hall to see what was the matter. A pair did speak, female and a male; seems they had killing on their mind. It made me go pale. A females the target. They’ve only been here a couple months. I’m not sure who’s the target yet, baby, but Johnny has guesses.

Met a Goat named Dimi and a Spook named Sneezy. Told Dimi about the plot since he’s a Captain of the Guard, which so far entails sitting on your ass and playing cards Johnny guesses. We’ll see what happens. Sneezy will check on the crime, see if it’s worth the time. Sneezy also taught ol’ Johnny about…Samhain, something about Christmas and Xmas, summer courts, winter courts, no one remembers a thing. Could barely pay attention with her slurping down her garbage shake with a side of crapcakes.

Other than that, it seems the Rooster has been taken by one of the Chicks. Should have listened to my wits and not played a game I knew I could lose, but for some reason the dames always catch Johnny vunerable.

Met with the female version of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. She gave Johnny steel and some business for training later. We’ll see how it goes. Terry taught me how to use the Glam to make BAM! It’s like ol’ Johnny has become a fucking Jedi, complete with floats. The day dreams continue, followed by dreams of night. Though no matter what the nightmare, dark always gives way to light.

~Johnny Sable, now Rich and Able.

October 20, 2010 14:05

Entry Two:

Been a few weeks since I’ve wrote in this, much has occurred to old Johnny in this land of dreams and screams. The princess came down from her tall tower and tried to make things right, but I told her If she were the last one left she’d never spend a night. She burned something inside of me, Terry keeps explaining Eshus and how we prize freedom over everything else, it’s like when she gave me that drink, The real me inside woke up and didn’t appreciate the gestures taken thereafter. But that’s old business, baby, onto new business.

Johnny has to show the half-assed dealers of the excellencys casino how to do their jobs well. Some “Duke” is coming so she insists we put on every whistle and bell. Not sure what I think of her yet, she walks as if on light, but there’s something there I don’t yet know…If I might.

I’ve also recently came into knowing three other “youngins” of the godlike race. One a foul mouth fashion-crazy hipster. Johnny don’t bout him yet, but we’ll see. There’s a girl, one of the upper class, they all seem like poison pills I wouldn’t give anything to swallow. Hopefully, this one may prove me wrong. Then we come full circle to the buck that loves to…cluck. Or what was that sound, like a laugh or a horses neigh, if I may. Seems classy, baby, a little flighty, but seems to love life and is full of “Dreams”.

New amended rule.

Johnny rule number #3:

If you don’t know, just don’t go. I went to a party, huge party, Heff level of party. Many, many attractive ladies there that swooned and cooed over Johnny, but one shot for the moon. Took her upstairs and went to business. Then she tasted the product, if you will. I didn’t even notice and found myself flung into a FUCKING WALL. Now, Johnny has no pride, so running and asking for help seemed natural, but the whole events left a sour taste in my mouth.

Twice now when faced in a situation of danger, my only defense has been to run. In the old days, that seemed fine, but Johnny can’t run from the dark forever. Eventually, he gonna need a flashlight. Never been a man for violence, and I never will be, but Johnny gonna have to learn some self defense or get a gun or something. Hell, I aint never fired no gun in my entire life. But, that’s all for now in Wonderland, Alice, to the Dreaming, and all within, I tip up my chalice.

October 18, 2010 00:45

Entry one:

I was awoken to be a god one evening by a female that I shall only refer to as “Princess Poppycock”. After given a strongly drugged drink and kidnapped by cult terrorists, I have come to a conclusion that I am part of something larger. I am to meet a mentor at some point to teach me about this new world of dreams where some people are the cats meow, and others are just…ow. Large members of the Blue Man Group, Terets old men, Goats that can pull more tail than old Johnny fill these night streets. The Queen of Hearts sits in her big top running the show it seems. I talked this evening with a quiet lady of the dark, saying she fed from children, maybe leaving her mark? Time will tell how this goes, how dreams ebb and nightmares flow.

~Johnny Sable, more than able, beginning of a fable.


Johnny's Journal

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