General House Rules


The following are current house rules for our C:tD games.

  • All “10’s” rolled is a success + an extra roll regardless of specialties.
  • All sidhe have the faerie eternity merit.
  • All holders of a freehold/balefire have empathy 4 within their own holding. (Essentially, they can read a person’s emotions at will based on a perception + empathy roll.
  • If any Arts are detailed in the CtD 2E and another sourcebook, and they are different, the CtD 2E version will be adhered to. The only exception is Primal, which uses the CtD 1E rule set.
  • Bunks are required for all cantrip casting.
  • New Arts must be trained by another character to receive credit. Further progress may be independently gained through extensive research and practice. Training from a tutor or mentor cuts the time in approximately to half. If independently learning an Art, the following timeline is used. (This is an in game timeline).
    • Second Dot – 1 to 3 months
    • Third Dot – 3 to 6 months
    • Fourth Dot – 1 year minimum
    • Fifth Dot – 5 year minimum
  • Glamour is regained at the rate of 1 temporary point per full night’s rest in a freehold. Restless, nightmare-filled, or interrupted sleep could possibly prevent this replenishment.
  • Because of the close quarters and treaty in Reno, vampires will be an active story plot. Vampires that are residents of Reno have a banality rating lowered by 1 due to their close contact with the Dreaming in Reno.
  • Sidhe of House Balor are not playable characters.


General House Rules

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