County of Mirage


The County of Mirage is located within the Duchy of Eternal Myst encompassing the counties of Washoe, Perishing and Humboldt in Nevada. The city of Reno is the location for Caer Carousel, the personal freehold of Countess Selora Kesori, liege lord of the County of Mirage.


There are several Freeholds within the county including (but not limited to:

Caer CarouselCountess Selora Kesori
Freehold of Glittering SandLord Jarridon Karl
Freehold of Vista BluffDame Stacy Myers
Freehold of Desert WillowEarl Stephano
Freehold of Prickly Poppies – Domain of the Dragon Skulls
Freehold of Turquoise SkyBaroness Heather Cyn
Freehold of Veiled OasisBaroness Makayla Di’Angelo

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County of Mirage

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