What exactly is a Bunk? Bunks are the means by which changelings are able to invoke Glamour to do their bidding. They are a changeling’s means of contacting the Dreaming, if only for a brief instant, to create a wondrous effect. Glamour may still be needed, but without a Bunk a changeling may find it hard to coax the Glamour to do as he desires.

The types of Bunks that a changeling may perform are as various as the changelings themselves. The Bunks a changeling works tends to be unique to herself, and there are those who believe that using the same Bunk too many times can cause it to become tainted with Banality and eventually become useless. Because of this, most changelings attempt to create their own personalized Bunks for casting cantrips rather than copying others, and even then they try to vary them as much as possible.

Ultimately, A Bunk can be anything — whistling a tune, reciting a rhyme, dancing a jig, writing an essay, rolling dice, picking your nose and making a chalk drawing are all examples of possible Bunks.



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