The following are the Art (Cantrips) available for the campaign. The restrictions given are guidelines that are mostly adhered to. However, as always, truly wonderful RP can bend the rules slightly. Remember, however, Bunks are required for all cantrip castings in the Autumn World.

Art aphrodesia Art chicanery Art chronos Art contempt2 Art delusion Art dreamcraft Art infusion
Aphrodisia ChicaneryChronos ContemptDelusion Dream CraftInfusion
Art kyros Art legerdemain Art metamorphosis Art naming

Art primal Art pyretics Art skycraft
Art soothsay Art sovereign Art spiritlink Art talecraft Art wayfare
SoothsaySovereignSpirit LinkTalecraftWayfare

Non-canon Arts

(The following Arts are not a part of the core sourcebooks for CtD. All require ST approval.



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