Gate Stones

A treasure that opens a portal into the Near or Far Dreaming



(Created by Cybercat at Shadowessence)

The powers and of the Gate Stones are as follows:

The Gate Stone cannot work in the presence of a mortal unless the mortal is enchanted.

Opening a Preset Gate – It takes a point of glamour to cause the Gate Stone to open an entrance into the Dreaming. This opening is an entrance into the Dreaming that is preset into the stone. Said entrance is only open for a few seconds so you had better move quickly if you want to get in. It is like opening a doorway and only one or two people can hop in at a time.

Presetting a Gate Stone – One has to actually have been to a place to visualize it and set it in the stone. For some reason not even scrying a place with high accuracy will allow the user to set the stone. They must have physically been at the spot they desire to set the stone to. This point can never be ON a trod (be it Silver Path or Path of Balor). Nor can this opening be in a populated area. It should be kept in mind that a Firchliss storm can dramatically change the target site of a Preset Gate Stone. No matter what the Firchliss does the Gate Stone will still open a gate to that destination regardless of how it has changed with two dramatic exceptions. The exceptions are if by some means the area has become populated or a path or trod now passes over the site as a result of change from a Firchliss storm. If that occurs then the setting of the stone is erased. The stone will not be able to be reset to that location as long as it is populated or it is on a path. It takes two points of glamour to set the stone to a location in the Near or Far Dreaming. It takes three points of glamour to set the stone to a location in the Deep Dreaming. Once the stone has been set it remains set unless someone changes it or a Firchliss storm has made the set site unusable.

Over Riding a Gate Stone Setting – A person can over ride a gate stone setting, but it takes an enormous effort of will and expenditure of glamour. The person trying to over ride the setting must spend three willpower and three glamour points and then make a Willpower roll with a difficulty of seven to use the Gate Stone. Failure means they lost all those points and still wound up at the normal set site. A botch means the Storyteller can put them anywhere in the Dreaming that their twisted little minds desire with the exception of the original stone setting site or the target site of the character.

Returning to the Autumn World – Since the Resurgence and the return of the Sidhe the Gate Stone can now return it’s bearer back to the Autumn World. Prior to the Resurgence the Dreaming itself prevented the Gate Stone from doing this. Returning requires two glamour points to return to a set location in the Autumn World.

Nocker Flaw – If anyone attempts to put four or more points of glamour into the stone at one time then the stone will malfunction. It will imprison them inside the crystal and it will disappear into the Dreaming (at a random spot) taking anything touching it with it.


It is said during the dark days of the Interregnum that the Nocker Mastersmith Morann ap Dougal gave much thought to the separation of the Dreaming from the Autumn World. As he had to lead the Commoners and even the few Sidhe who remained behind of House Dougal by command of High Lord Donovan he often had little time for his own personal projects. However, he never gave up on his thought of regaining access to the Dreaming. Over the long years he had much converse with Eshu masters of the art of Wayfare and talked whenever he had the opportunity to the mysterious Greywalkers. It was towards the end of his days during his incarnation at the beginning of the Interregnum that Morann embarked on his last and greatest work. He was determined to find a way to open the Dreaming back up to Changelings.

Morann labored long and hard on this work, many years in fact with many failures at first. However, after several failures he felt he had figured out at last how to make his masterpiece. He labored for days without end and produced nine shining shimmering stones of great beauty dying in the process of their making. There is no question that the Nine Gate Stones were Morann’s Nonpareil. Each of these stones was large beautiful rubies both in their fae and in their autumn world miens.

While Morann was successful in the creation of these incredible treasures his intention for them failed miserably. It had been Morann’s intention that the nine stones be given to the best leaders and warriors who worked for the common good of all Changelings. But with Morann’s death there was dissension and argument as to how and who would lead the remnants of House Dougal in the Autumn World. While it is documented elsewhere how the creation of the Grandmaster position was created during the intervals that Morann was not incarnate, there is no question that during the chaos of that moment in time all of the stones were stolen. By whom it was never discovered and they were scattered to the four winds.

Whenever Morann was incarnate and awakened finding these stones was always on his list of priorities. Over the long centuries it is rumored that three of these stones have been found and are now hoarded carefully by House Dougal under heavy guard. Two of these stones were rumored to have been in the possession of a powerful Sidhe of House Balor who had remained behind in the Autumn World and resided somewhere in Central America. Two more of these Gate Stones were said to be lost in the Dreaming. One is rumored to be lost somewhere in Arike: The Empire of Regret. The other is said to be lost in some unnamed Nightmare realm. Of the last two stones of the nine there is no report. Some say they have been destroyed while others say they are lost somewhere in the Autumn Realm. During the Interregnum these nine stones were considered to be some of the most desirable treasures a Changeling could have as they allowed one to enter the Dreaming. Since the Resurgence and the opening of many trods their value has lessened considerably, but they are still considered impressive treasures.

Gate Stones

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