Duchy of Eternal Myst

November 09, 2010

The following are the notes from the 11/9/10 session of our chronicle:

Johnny Sable decided to go looking for his mentor, Terrence. He had questions regarding his encounter with the vampire they called Tracy and knew his mentor was the person to ask.

When he arrived at the security room for the casino, he was informed that Terrence was not in. However, his co-captain Dimitri Solais was. He decided to speak to Captain Dimitri to ask his questions, or at the very least learn where Terrence is.

Dimitri informed him that Terrence was on a super secret mission that even he didn’t know what for. However, Lady Sheerse, who was having lunch with him, did know. She gave Johnny only the hint that it had something to do with is purpose for looking for Terrence.

Through the course of the following conversation, Lady Sheerse explained a few aspects of fae life, including Samhain and the winter and summer courts. Dimitri and Johnny also discussed a bit about banality and security systems.

Upon leaving the security room, Johnny ran into Alexa. The usual badgering between the two commenced, including Johnny somehow walking out into the general public with a tail of toilet paper from the seat of his slacks.

The rest of the evening was uneventful with a typical casino night and dinner at Mama’s Diner.

The next morning Terrence was pounding at Johnny’s door at 7am, which was rather early since he had not gone to bed until 4. Terrence bade him to hurry and dress, then drug him back to Caer Carousel.

At the Caer, the Countess was hosting a poker tournament. Terrence had managed to snag Johnny an invite and fronted his entry fee of $25,000.

The tournament went well with 20 entries and four players at each table. Johnny’s first table included Count Vincente, an unknown boggan woman and Bob. The hands were close between the unknown boggan and Johnny, but at the last moment he prevailed.

Moving on to the final round, Johnny played against a sluagh who introduced himself as Mortimer, Sir Joseph, Penumbra, and unknown nocker male.

Penumbra took the lead quickly and held firm until a miscalculation (mixed with a bit of arrogance) cost her the game. This left Johnny and Mortimer to fight for the win. In the end, Johnny won the last hand with a straight flush, beating Mortimer’s small straight.

After celebrating his win and mingling with the contestants, Johnny headed back to his room. On the way he overheard a couple arguing in whispers in a secluded corner of the hotel. Carefully, he snuck within earshot and overheard the two arguing about whether they should wait or not to kill “the bitch.” Johnny immediately went to the security room to inform one of the Captains. Dimitri was on duty and said he’d set informants to work immediately.

On his way out, he ran into Dame Mekere. Upon his request, she took him to a local billiards where he could arm himself. While they waited for the proprietor, they played a few rounds of pool, which Johnny lost, much to his dismay. Their bet left him unable to consider the young eshu a one night stand. What she wanted however, Johnny couldn’t quite figure out.

Soon, the owner of the bar, Shar, arrived. After much intimidation and general “fun,” she sold him the weapons he was looking for and allowed a standing agreement for training later. Mekere’s connection with the redcap kept Johnny’s head on his shoulders for now.

After an eventful day, Johnny was finally able to return to his room for a well deserved rest.

New Characters introduced this session:

Dimitri Solais
Lady Sheerse

Reoccurring Characters:

Countess Selora Kesori
Count Vincente
Dame Mekere
Sir Joseph



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