Duchy of Eternal Myst

October 19, 2010

The following are the notes from the 10/19/10 session of our chronicle.

Johnny Sable was the first to be approached by the changelings in Reno. He started his evening like any other and ventured his way to one of the local casinos to try his luck on the tables. Tonight his choice was Circus Circus, and what a circus it was.

At the Blackjack tables, his luck proved good as he won a few hundred dollars easily. A young woman by the name of “Julie” struck up a conversation with him. She ordered him a drink, which he accepted. But when he drank the pink concoction he started seeing strange things around him and assumed (quite literally) that he had been drugged. He tried to leave the casino, but was detained by a large blue man at the door. He then called the police, but soon after, he passed out.

Later he awoke in a finely decorated hotel room with the same young woman seated by his bed. She introduced herself as Baroness Julie and tried to explain her actions, but Johnnie was agitated and would not listen. He believed he had been drugged and kidnapped and would not listen to what Julie believed to be reason. She soon left, but forbade Johnnie to leave until he had spoken to someone she called Terrence.

Terrence soon arrived and again tried to explain the situation and apologized for the Baroness’ actions. He explained that Johnnie is what they called an “Eshu,” as is Terrence. Johnnie however was dead set on leaving, so Terrence let him go only asking that he take a small token (an odd colored marble) to call him with if needed.

Over the course of the next few weeks, he began to wake up and see the dreaming around him. He defied these images, even going so far as to get a checkup by his doctor, but nothing seemed to change it. He continued to gamble and visit local clubs. One evening he ran into the Baroness again, but quickly left. She sovereigned him, and tried again to get him to listen to her, but he would not. She released him and sent him on his way.

A few evenings later he visited Circus Circus again. He met the Countess Selora Kesori and got a brief introduction to the court. The Countess also removed the tracking spell that had been placed on the token he got from Terrence, but allowed him to keep the small treasure.

Constantine “Bernard” Alexander, Tabetha Healy, Jamichael LaThompsin and Johnnie Sable were approached the following Friday by “{color:blue}”Sir Joseph:http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/eternalmyst/characters/131772. Joseph claimed that the Countess would like to speak with all of them at the Caer Carousel. Reluctantly, they all agreed.

They were lead to a ballroom that housed a throne and what appeared to be a medieval courtroom. There they were introduced to the Countess Selori Kesori and a few members of the court. They were then separated and taken to their prospective mentors for training into the changeling world.

Jamichael LaThompsin was taken to see Penumbra or “Penny” in an old workshop full of machinery. After a brief “nockered” explanation of where he was, she put him to work cleaning a large piece of machinery. Once completed, he decided to press the large “Do NOT Push” button. The machine proceeded to explode, earning him another “nockered” lecture from Penumbra. He was then sent to bed and told to be back at 6 am.

Tabetha Healy was taken to meet Baroness Julie. The Baroness answered a few of her questions then sent her on to her rooms to rest after setting up a breakfast date for the following morning.

Constantine “Bernard” Alexander was lead to his rooms by Dame Calais or “Callie.” She answered a few of his questions then set up a lunch date the following afternoon.

Johnnie met with Terrence again who gave him the run down on local events. He was then lead to his rooms after they set up to meet the following late afternoon.

Over the course of the next several days, each one met with his or her mentor periodically to learn about fae society and what was required of them. Together they attended a party hosted by Calais which proved rather uneventful besides the vampire attack on Johnnie.

Johnnie and LaMichael left separately, however Constantine and Tabetha were seen leaving together, and Tabetha answered Constantine’s door the following morning when summoned to the Countess.

The next day they were called to lunch with the Countess who informed them that Duke Maliki would be visiting soon. Each were asked to help out in their own ways, which they all agreed to. Before the Countess left the room, she and Count Vincente were overheard arguing quietly. The Count left slightly miffed as did the Countess.

A few minutes later, Constantine started a food fight (inadvertantly) in which he, LaMichael, Alexa, Terrence, Mekere and Julieanna participated.

New NPC characters introduced this session:

Countess Selora Kesori
Baroness Julie
Dame Calais
Dame Mekere Sorae
Sir Joseph
Robert “Bob” Thomas
Count Vincente
Captain Terrence Navi
Captain Dimitri Solais




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